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French and Surf Course in Biarritz, France

Is this course for you? 

Yes. If you want to improve your French and Surf skills in Biarritz, this course was MADE for you! 

Fabulous beaches, incredible waves and the opportunity to perfect your knowledge of the French subjunctive!  Heaven.  If you  long to become a Surf Master and need to improve your French - read on! 

French Lessons

      Lessons:  20 general French morning lessons
 + 10 surf lessons per week
  Levels:    Beginner to advanced French speakers   
  Start Dates:

May to OctoberEvery Monday
Set dates for beginners, please refer to Course Finder

  Timetable:    9.30 to 12.15 with a 15 minute break, Monday to Friday + 1.5 hours afternoon surf lessons. 
Times are subject to change ac