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~ Languages for Life Spanish Course
~ Standard Spanish Course
~ Combined Spanish Course

~ Spanish & Surf Course
~ Private Tuition Spanish Courses
~ Spanish and Volunteering

~ Spanish Course Methodology

Languages for Life Spanish Course
8 to 24 weeks Spanish language course duration
Open to 18yrs+ age group throughout the year
20 group Spanish language lessons per week
Max. 7 people per class
A long term Spanish language course in Lima, Peru, ideal for Gap Year, post Uni or adult students looking to study Spanish in a small group environment in Peru, in-depth over two or more months for maximum impact and real progress. Whether you are a beginner wishing to learn Spanish from scratch or someone with previous Spanish language ability, these programmes will enable you to communicate effectively and develop your Spanish language skills in a structured, informal but above all an enjoyable group class format.

Standard Spanish Course
1 to 7 weeks Spanish language course duration
Open to 18yrs+ age group
20 group Spanish language lessons per week
Max. 7 people per class
Why not learn Spanish in Lima on a short term Spanish language course.  You can follow a course for two or more weeks, and on request the college will also permit some one week courses (depending on the time of year, student ability and course place availability).  These Spanish courses are aimed at all ability levels, from beginners who wish to learn Spanish in Lima, from scratch through to advanced Spanish students, who are refreshing their skills for work or personal reasons.  The small group classes ensure plenty of personal attention and ample opportunity to practise your Spanish skills in school.  An immersion Spanish course in Peru is a great adjunct to on going Spanish language studies in your home country or a wonderful stand alone programme for students who want to improve their Spanish prior to travelling or working in Latin America.

Combined Spanish Course 
 1 to 4 weeks+ Spanish language course duration
Open to 18yrs+ age group
20 group Spanish language lessons per week
plus a further 5 or 10 private lessons per week
Max. 7 people per group class
These short term Spanish language courses in Lima enhance your linguistic progress, by combining the intensity of a private course with the camaraderie of a group course, you can choose whether to add 5 or 10 private lessons to your group Spanish course.

Spanish & Surf Course
In addition to your Standard, Combined or Languages for Life Spanish course why not take some time out and learn to Surf!
Generally students combine Surfing with a Standard Course (as quoted in Course Finder)
one or two weeks+ duration 
Open to 18yrs+ age group
Offered year round 
Students are given 2 surf lessons a week (one lesson is 3hrs) and are provided with a surf board and wet suit by the Surf School. Lessons take place at Costa Verde de Miraflores and Herradura beaches, within walking distance of the college.

Private Tuition Spanish Courses
1  to 6 weeks Spanish language course duration
Open to 18yrs+ age group throughout the year
20 private Spanish lessons per week
An extremely intensive Spanish language course, ideal for those who wish to make maximum Spanish language progress over a one or two+ week period.
The 20 private lessons per week course is predominantly booked by people who need to learn Spanish for academic or professional reasons and for whom time is of the essence.
The 10 private lessons per week course is generally booked by people who wish to learn Spanish for personal interest, but at their own pace and at the same time have plenty of time to relax and explore the fabulous city of Lima.

Spanish & Volunteering
4 week Spanish course plus volunteering with local organisation constructing housing
You will start with at least four weeks of Spanish classes to improve your Spanish and become acclimated to the dialect, as well as your new environment.
Volunteer Placement: you will start right after the end of your Spanish programme.
NOTE: You may also volunteer part time and study Spanish during the same period.
Spanish Classes and Volunteer Certification: You will receive your diploma for your Spanish courses at the end of your programme. Continuing support: our school is your casa and you are always welcome to use the Internet there or to stop by for any help that you may need.

The application must be submitted at least two months prior to the programme’s start date.
In the comments field of the CESA Enrolment form, please describe:
• Planned duration of the volunteer experience.
• Any prior experience in the field.
• Spanish background (required level of Spanish proficiency depends upon the nature of the work).
There is no processing fee for students taking at least four weeks of standard Spanish courses. If a fee is incurred for students taking less than four weeks of classes, please note that this fee is non-refundable.

Housing projects
Help construct transitional houses for families in extreme poverty.

Working with a local Latin American institution run by Latin American Uni students who through voluntery work strive to impart upon society the extent of the povery in which thousands of families live through the reconstruction of housing and execution of social habitation plans.
Facilitate the construction of emergency housing
Support the development of social habilitation projects
Organise work groups within the community
Assist training of residents in vocational skils to improve the quality of life, health, profession etc
Volunteer in workshops for women and children

Requirements : Passport.  Open to all ages
Time period: Minimum one month, once a week
Spanish level required : Intermediate (B1+)
Dates : Open
Cost : No charge for those who book a 4 week (or longer) Spanish language course
Otherwise : US$ 197.00 per person


The Spanish Language School’s key concern is to get you to speak Spanish!

Students are encouraged to speak Spanish and only Spanish from the very first day.  Learn more about the methodology at the Spanish language school in Lima.