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Spanish summer course in Nerja

Spanish course in NerjaChristina Davies
2 weeks Spanish course in Nerja

I was 16 years old, and going away alone without my twin sister for the first time. My first thought when I reached Nerja was ‘Oh no, it’s so hot, and so Spanish, and all I can say is ‘gracias’…how am I going to survive?!’ Read More »

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Spanish for the Over 50s

Over 50's Courses in Nerja

Carol Sargent
Spanish for the Over 50s
Two weeks in Nerja

The Spanish language course in Nerja was excellent – lots of conversation about topics which the five of us found interesting (e.g. different customs and habits of the Swiss, Germans, Spanish with me representing the UK) and which our teacher Marion also learnt from – in particular the process of making compost which seems rare in Spanish households.

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Over 50s Course in Nerja

Len Slater    2 weeks Over 50s Course / Nerja

Study Spanish in Nerja with CESA Languages AbroadOn the first day, the applicants for the Club 50+ met each other in the school garden – the new ones feeling a little awkward, the more experienced ones (who had obviously been through similar experiences before) looking more relaxed.

One by one, we were called in for the level test and finally found each other split up into two groups: one for beginners and one for a slightly more advanced students.

I ended up in the latter group, together with a Finnish lady who, delighted, could not stop talking about the many similarities there are between her language and Spanish, and three Germans with a great eagerness to learn.
Our teacher, Francisco, seemed to have identified our strengths and our weaknesses very quickly and was not put out of countenance, although at the same time he treated his ‘flock’ in a very sensitive way. Read More »

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Victoria: 4 week Intensive Course

” Since having no previous knowledge of Spanish I hoped to gain a basic grasp of the language and have fun at the same time.

Did I feel my expectations were met? Definitely, I progressed more than I could have imagined. I felt I learnt more Spanish in a month than I did french in two years at school, and had plenty of fun doing so!

My teachers were fantastic, very enthusiastic, approachable and helpful. They created a very stimulating learning environment — plenty of variation, oral tasks, written tasks and listening exercises. Class sizes were also good. Textbooks were very helpful, accessible and easy to use. Read More »

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