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Benalmadena Spanish for Teenagers

Spanish in Benalmadena : Walking to the beach Spanish in Benalmadena : Group leader Spanish in Benalmadena : Sunbathing Spanish in Benalmadena : New Friends Spanish in Benalmadena : August group photo Spanish in Benalmadena : First day assembly Spanish in Benalmadena : Dance classes Spanish in Benalmadena : Ceramics class Spanish in Benalmadena : A beach afternoon Spanish in Benalmadena : Ices on the beach Spanish in Benalmadena : On the beach Spanish in Benalmadena : Swim time  Spanish in Benalmadena : Play time Spanish in Benalmadena : Chatting at the beach Spanish in Benalmadena : Diploma Day

A flavour of the Spanish Teenagers Course in Benalmadena.
Where the sun shines all summer long, the students work hard on their Spanish in morning classes and have a wonderful activity programme in the afternoon, that ensures plenty of beach time !

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Teenage language course in Benalmadena

Isabel Reynolds :
2 weeks Spanish Summer Programme
Benalmadena, Spain
I wanted to work on my Spanish post GCSE exams and to have a good time, but mostly improve my spoken Spanish before starting my AS Spanish course. My Mum found out about the teenager Spanish language courses abroad offfered by CESA and we chose Benalmadena because I liked the idea of being being by the sea.

I liked having to speak in Spanish all the time in class though it was daunting at first.  Read More »

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Learn Spanish in Benalmadena, Spain

Learn Spanish in BenalmadenaEve Wade: 2 week Standard Course.

“I expected that I would be older than the other students in my Spanish language class but hoped that Iwould not be. Actually my class consisted of a Japanese gent even older than me (!) plus 6 others; one other Irish girl, about 30yr old and younger Spanish students from Sweden, Holland, Russia and Japan. Read More »

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