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Incredible Cannes 2013

Footsteps on the beach, Cannes

Beth /  University of Leicester Student (French & Spanish)
– Année à L’étranger.

Boursière in the French language school in Cannes with CESA

I have an endless amount of words (both English and French) to describe Cannes:  ”jolie”, “incroyable”, inspiring, evocative, blue, “tranquille”, light-hearted, s l o w, “detendue”
… and here is the story of my 3 months in Cannes!

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French Summer Course in Cannes

Learn French in CannesClaudia – 2 weeks in Cannes
Standard French Course

I absolutely loved Cannes, from the French lessons, to the friends I made, to the city itself. The Campus was a friendly environment. The rooms were clean and the food was good most days, but if I did not like the main dish I always knew I could go and eat a delicious Panini and chocolate waffle at the college café situated in the courtyard. I was quiet nervous when I first arrived, but I instantly made friends on the coach there from Nice, and continued to make good friendships throughout my stay. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life.
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French Summer School in Cannes

Nicole Mills : 4 wks in Cannes

The college definitely met and in fact in so many ways exceeded my expectations and I would have stayed all summer if I could.

I think the French language classes were really well done. Everyone in the class was at the same level and the teacher was very kind and understanding with any questions asked. Read More »

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French Scholarship student : Cannes 2011

French language courses in CannesHannah’s Report / October 2011
12 weeks in Cannes (Sept/Dec 2011)


Report One (see end of blog for : Report Two)

Am writing this having been in Cannes
for about 1½ weeks, although I feel so at home here
it could have been months!

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Charlottes French Scholarship in Cannes

Charlotte was the successful applicant to be awarded the French Scholarship in Cannes 2010:

Charlotte in Cannes

As you all know, with the help of ‘CESA’ I’m currently living in Cannes, learning French, whilst staying in the lovely Cannes college and working in the college bar. The past few weeks have gone so fast – I can’t believe it has been over a month since I arrived! This in itself is a testament to how much …fun I’m having, and how much I’m enjoying life here in Cannes.

The college itself is situated about a 15 minute walk from the centre of Cannes and Read More »

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French in Cannes

Natalie Nakkas spent 12 weeks in Cannes for her French Gap Year course:

French language courses in CannesLinguistically I was expecting the course to focus more heavily on conversational skills than writing. I was hoping that after 3 months the course would enable me to gain confidence in speaking and be near fluent. Generally I was expecting the course to have a mixture of teaching methods and be conducted solely in French, and the college I was expecting a safe, social environment.

Linguistically I wish that the standard course was longer than 15 hours per week but I learnt a lot due to the varied teaching methods. A lot of the lessons were focused on writing and grammar which I improved in but I would have liked more emphasis on oral work. I was generally impressed by the course and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the college it is such a great place to meet people and even French people your own age. I would definintly recommend it.

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Lara: 12 week French Gap Year Course

“Greetings from Cannes!
I have been living here on the sunny Cote d’Azur for just over a week now, and so far I’m having a fantastic time. There was lots to take in at first; getting acquainted with the college and where everything was, exploring the quaint, but bustling town of Cannes, and being trained for the work I’m doing in the college. Not to mention the wide variety of people I have met from all over the world that also live and study in the college! Yet all the staff and other students have been really welcoming and friendly and it already feels like home. 
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