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Incredible Cannes 2013

Footsteps on the beach, Cannes

Beth /  University of Leicester Student (French & Spanish)
– Année à L’étranger.

Boursière in the French language school in Cannes with CESA

I have an endless amount of words (both English and French) to describe Cannes:  ”jolie”, “incroyable”, inspiring, evocative, blue, “tranquille”, light-hearted, s l o w, “detendue”
… and here is the story of my 3 months in Cannes!

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French Teenage Course in Biarritz

Rachel  (17yrs old)
Two weeks French course in Biarritz (Teens)
French & Activity programme

Before I arrived, I hoped to improve my French, particularly oral and listening skills. I also hoped that I would become more independent and have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. My experience in Biarritz definitely matched up to my expectations! The course was excellent; I definitely felt that my French had improved by the end of the 2 weeks – not only did my oral and listening skills improve but I also learnt a lot of new vocabulary Read More »

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French language course in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe beaches and boatsAnne Stachura
3 weeks French course in Guadeloupe

I was very pleased with my experience in Guadeloupe. My French instructor was excellent; she was extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared, and created a comfortable and fun classroom environment that was conducive to learning. Read More »

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Life really is a beach in Guadeloupe!

When the weather turns chilly in Europe – Guadeloupe and those beaches really appeal.
The French language school is always at it’s busiest from November to December (funny that!)

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School trips in Guadeloupe – Photo Gallery

When in Guadeloupe, once the French classes are over, the school offers an array of excursions, giving students a chance to explore the local area.  From the rum distillery to local beauty spots – there’s plenty to explore!

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French school in Guadeloupe – FULL in January!

Guadeloupe beaches and boatsThe French language school in Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe is fully booked through to the end of January.

The next starting date available is 4th February!

So if you’re still thinking that February under the Caribbean sunshine is required – book now, or you will miss out.

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Paris Alevel Revision Course

French Alevel Revision Course / 1 week
Eleanor Ruskin

I was so impressed with the Paris Alevel revision language course. I’d hoped that the lessons weren’t going to be like school with just endless grammar and exercises and my hopes were fulfilled. The Alevel lessons being in French were great revision and practice for both listening and speaking confidence and the cultural topics were so interesting: French schooling, political system etc. Read More »

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