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Student Reports: Ski Instructors Course

Jenny Linnel / Kitzbuhel 
German & Ski Instructors 12 week Course
in Kitzbuhel, Austria Sept/Dec  which she followed with a full working ski season in Austria through to the following April. 
  What did you expect from the course?
“I expected my spoken German to improve considerably. I also expected grammatical aspects to come more naturally by the end of the course. Generally I expected it to be a great way to meet people and become accustomed to the new environment with people in the same situation as myself. I expected my skiing to improve along with my knowledge of teaching methods.”

Were your expectations met?
“ My spoken German definitely improved and I became more confident using it. My grammar was reinforced but still didn’t come naturally. In general the course was definitely a great way of meeting people and I felt my skiing improved dramatically. The ski instruction was fantastic.

What did you think of the lessons and the school?
“ I think that the lessons were good for me. The school was great, and was in a good location. The staff and teachers were always friendly and approachable.”

What were the best/worst parts of your language course?
“My favourite part of the course was when we spent the week free skiing in Kaprun and Zellam See. The worst part was exam day and the wait for the results (although you only had to wait 3 hours). It was definitely worth al the nerves and anxious revision to experience the achievement when you pass. The best part of the language course was the moment when I could suddenly feel the language coming together and realised how much progress I’d made without even noticing it.”

What else could you like to sa