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Learn Chinese in China

Social Activities in Beijing

All students are encouraged to make the most of their time in Beijing College One, by participating in the guided excursions and activities offered by the Chinese language school.

Certainly using your Chinese skills in Bejing, where the language is spoken immeasurably increases the speed and quality of learning. The Chinese languages school is always keen to take the students out of the classroom to participate in excursions and cultural activities. The school has experienced coordinators who will guide you so that you can better understand the unique character of Beijing and it's surroundings.

A variety of activities are proposed each month (at additional cost).
Sample excursions :

The Great Wall of China
One of the Wonders of the World and shouldn't be missed! There is a saying in China that you're not complete until you've walked on the Great Wall. Admire the nature around the Wall and see far far away…    

The Forbidden City 
Right in the middle of Beijing lies the Forbidden City, the former imperial palace which was forbidden to the Chinese commoners. Site of the feature film The Last Emperor, you can see the splendors for yourself and visit the halls and pavilions inside.  
Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Qi and Kung Fu
Martial Arts are a great way to exercise as well as get to know the Chinese culture. Tai Chi consists of gentle movements, which let you relax through concentration and improve