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Chinese Language Courses

All classes are held in Mandarin, and will focus on speaking and listening with phonetic transcription.

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Chinese Academic Term Course
12, 24, 36 or 48 weeks Chinese language course duration
Open to 16+ age group throughout the year
30 group language Chinese lessons per week
Max. 10 people per class
A long term Chinese language course in Beijing, ideal for Gap Year, post Uni or adult students looking to study Chinese in depth over a number of months for maximum impact and progress. In-depth study over an extended period ensures better mastery, subtler understanding and far greater long term retention of key Mandarin Chinese language skills. This course consists of 30 group lessons a week; 4 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (See Course Methodology for further details). The morning classes focus on practical Chinese: listening and speaking.  Afternoon classes allow students to learn Chinese characters and how to read and write whilst strengthening their conversational skills.  This course is the perfect choice for those preparing for the HSK Chinese exam.

Standard Chinese Course 
2 to 20+ weeks Chinese language course duration
Open to 16+ age group
20 group language Chinese lessons per week
Max. 10 people (average 6 students) per class
4 group lessons a day
International student mix

A short term Chinese language course aimed at those who need to build on current communication skills or learn Mandarin Chinese conversation skills from scratch with an immersion course in Chinese. Short term Mandarin courses in Beijing concentrate on conversation skills: through speaking and listening, role-play, group dynamics and vocabulary games.  Focus is also on dealing with personal experiences and daily situations (see Course Methodology for further details).  Chinese characters are studied at higher levels and also the development of the four tones.  A great choice to learn the communication essentials of Chinese pinyin, listening and speaking skills.  Four interactive group classes every morning focusing on practical Chinese conversational skills which gives you the rest of the day to p